The Justice Series & Vigilantes Recovered

November 5, 2014 Book Review 2

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

The Justice Series & Vigilantes RecoveredThe Unforgivable Fix & The Red Hot Fix by T.E. Woods
Published by Alibi Genres: Fiction, Thriller
Pages: 320
Source: complimentary review copy

The Red Hot Fix opens several months after the explosive ending to The Fixer.  Psychologist Lydia Corriger is still recovering from her injuries while Mort Grant has been promoted to Chief of Detectives.  Someone is killing johns in the city in a most humiliating manner.  Mort along with his son Robbie {who now has a bestseller under his belt after writing about ‘the fixer’}; and Mort’s close-knit team are hot on the case.

Personally I really enjoy the aspects of Lydia’s treatment of the patients in her practice.  While The Red Hot Fix does not see Lydia back in the office, she does befriend an eight year old girl, Maizie, who has tremendous problems of her own. . .and needs a bit of ‘fixin!’

T.E. Woods does a remarkable job of weaving Lydia and Mort’s story lines throughout The Red Hot Fix.  Although this one was just a bit slower in the beginning than The Fixer, it quickly picks up and has you guessing at the identity of the killer til the very end.  Woods is adept at throwing in the red herrings and while I did eventually figure out the identity of the ‘john’ killer it wasn’t until the last 1/4 of the book! Highly recommended for anyone who loves a good suspense.


The Unforgivable Fix has Lydia slowly taking on clients again and supervising a PhD researcher in his journey to becoming a fully licensed psychologist.  Mort has to rely on Lydia’s unique skill set in order to protect his family.  We see Lydia and Mort’s story intersect and weave together throughout The Unforgivable Fix – Lydia’s supervision of the researcher, an investigation of sexual abuse allegations,  Mort’s investigation of an international drug kingpin, and the return of Mort’s prodigal daughter, Allie {who is on the run from a Russian drug lord!}

The Unforgivable Fix is intense, fast-paced and has you questioning ‘what actions are unforgivable?’ Woods is brilliant in her ability to have multiple stories going at once and each begs the question of what can you excuse and what is unforgivable.  Some series leave me bored after the first couple of books.  With Woods’ The Justice Series it feels like she is only gearing up.  I love Lydia’s character even when I want to shake her and tell her to trust Mort, tell him what’s going on and Mort? Well, Captain Mort needs a good kick in the pants, knock over the head or punch in the nose. . .but he is still such a darling!

If you have not read The Justice Series novels yet, what the heck are you waiting on?  T.E. Woods is one of those novelists you can escape with for a few hours and once you finally come up for air, truly feel as if you have been on a wild roller coaster ride.  highly recommend you start with The Fixer because of the  backstory that is important to grasp prior to getting into The Red Hot Fix and The Unforgivable Fix. 

What guilty pleasure author do you read for theme-park-worthy escapism?


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