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January 12, 2010 Life Well Lived, Uncategorized 0

I love the symbolism of the well, even the wishing well. Anytime I see a well, one of the really old ones that I know came from the 1800s, it’s such a powerful reminder that even time cannot erase the stone, the stature, the absolute integrity of the well.  It’s waters run deep and their is a mystery to the darkness inside the depths of the well. The same can be said of everyone of us.  We each have inside of us such tremendous depth and power to tap into.  The resources that are at our fingertips should we delve into ourselves are beyond imagination.  I am learning every day more and more that I don’t have to throw a penny into that wishing well. I can simply rely on myself, do a little research, and voila, I’m well on my way to opening my bookstore!

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