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Book Review: Mercy Snow

January 29, 2015 Book Review, reviews 3

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

Book Review: Mercy SnowMercy Snow by Tiffany Baker
Published by Grand Central Publishing on January 27th, 2015
Genres: Fiction, Historical, Magical Realism
Pages: 368
Source: complimentary review copy
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Set in rural New Hampshire along the Androscoggin River, Mercy Snow is at turns a portrait of a prejudicial society and a testament to how one person can redeem a town.

The Snows have quite the reputation in this logging town that goes back several generations.  The McAllisters also have a reputation, as the owners of the mill and the town.  When a youth group bus crashes into the river a chain of events are set off that causes the town to implode.

At times my heart was breaking for the Snow family, Mercy, age 19, Hannah, the 8-year-old “wild baby sister,” and Zeke, the older brother intent on saving his sisters.  In a town where work was scarce and opinions rampant, being considered “backwoods,” was not a good thing.  Living off the land, illiterate, and poorer than church mice, the Snows were not welcomed in the paper mill town of Titan Falls.

After the bus rolls off of Devil’s Slide Road due to a maniac trying to pass on the ice, Zeke is accused and must disappear deeper into the woods.  This leaves Mercy with the bulk of responsibility caring for Hannah through a scarce winter.

While not stated, it seemed to me that the book was set in the early 80’s soon after the Clean Water Act was enacted.  It was interesting {and sad} to read how protecting the water source affected so many livelihoods.

There’s a touch of magic or what mountain folk call ‘the gift’  in Mercy Snow. Mercy comes from a long line of female healers ~ those who know which herbs and touch to use for all kinds of ailments.  Living in the Appalachian Mountains I can attest to that belief still going on strong.

My fave quote:

You know, there’s a difference between healing and saving.  Only one of them is God’s work.

My one fault with the book is that not everyone got his or her due.  Which doesn’t happen in the real world either, but I really really really wanted a couple of people to suffer for the evilness caused.

Truly a spiritual Southern gothic tale set in the mountains of New Hampshire, Mercy Snow is both rich in atmosphere and character.  Highly recommended to readers of Sarah Addison Allen, Angela Hunt and Beth Hoffman.

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