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Book Club Read: Calling Me Home

May 17, 2013 Book Review, reviews 5

Book Club Read: Calling Me HomeCalling Me Home by Julie Kibler
Published by St. Martin's Press on February 12th, 2013
Genres: Fiction, Historical
Pages: 338
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Have I shared with you the wonderful book club I am in?  It’s small ~ we only have 6-8 members and generally only six show up; but both my girls are in it and my best friend and two other ladies who bring lots of laughter (and food) to the table!  A most glorious group of women!

One of the inspiring things for me to see is how my daughters interact with the other women AND the particular roles they’ve taken on in the group.  For example, Gabrielle keeps us on task ensuring we discuss the book thoroughly while Erica has such an intuitive insight to add I’m constantly in awe.  (can you tell I’m proud of my girls? or that they’re the world to me?)

April’s book was Calling Me Home by Julie Kibler.  A complicated, yet tender, novel of falling in love with the “wrong” person, the trials of family, and an endearing friendship that brings it all together.

Dorrie Curtis has been Miss Isabelle’s hairdresser for ten years ~ so long that the women have moved into an easy friendship.  They’ve even become so close that it’s Dorrie whom Miss Isabelle asks to accompany her to a funeral from their respective homes in Texas to Cincinnati.  Along the way, eighty-nine year old Miss Isabelle recounts the story of her first true love to her family’s black housekeeper’s son in 1940’s small-town Kentucky.  Each mile brings the women closer to Cincinnati and closer to the truth of what happened to Miss Isabelle’s love.

Some men are just plain bad news. Then there are good men.  They’ll do.  Then there are good men you love.  If you find one of the last kind, you’d better hang on to him with everything you have.  ~Miss Isabelle to Dorrie

We discussed this one quite thoroughly, beginning with a lengthy debate about young Isabelle falling in love with Robert, the housekeeper’s son. Did we believe the love was genuine or just a way Isabelle could oppose her mother and society?  This question led us into the deep topic of whether one of us has ever fallen in love with the ‘wrong’ man…..Thankfully there was wine, food and chocolate! All necessary items for deep discussions!

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Calling Me Home was told in the alternating voices of Miss Isabelle and Dorrie.  The author did an excellent job of distinguishing the two characters “voices.”  Personally, I enjoy novels with dual narrators, as long as there is a clear distinction as to who is who.  Julie Kibler was able to portray the racial tensions from 1930’s in a manner both dignified, yet horrifying.

On the flip side, the modern-day tensions that still linger in some minds ~ along with the idea of how far we have come in overcoming racial issues to how much further we still need to go.

Kibler tackled a mighty issue as a debut novelist but, in my book club’s opinion, she’s got an equally mighty writing career ahead.  Definitely recommended for book clubs and those who enjoy characters who overcome family and society in order to survive and thrive.

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