Literary Pursuits and a Search for Sunshine!

January 17, 2010 Life Well Lived 0

I am planning a trip to Bradenton and Key West, Florida leaving from Atlanta on February 5th. It is time to search for warmer, dryer weather. I type this as the rain just pours outside, slamming against my window so loudly that at first I thought it must be the wind. Whew….it is definitely time for some palm trees and sand between the toes!

During my travels I plan to conduct a literary adventure….I’m going in search of all of the independent, used bookstores between here (Atlanta) and Key West, FL. I’m also in search of literary festivals, author’s homes and any readings that I may come across. This is all in planning my wonderful, beautiful, perfect bookstore! So, my sweet friends and lurkers – does anyone know of a place I should not miss during my travels? I almost feel like the crazy Sandra Bullock character “Mary” from All About Steve although I’m following the sunshine and the books so maybe I’m not quite as unique as “Mary!”

So as I was looking up bookstores and literary adventures I came across this great place in Canada that does these fantastic trips all around the world I am definitely saving up for the trip to Egypt!

And definitely not to be left out, “Bookstore Tourism” started by Larry Portzline in 2003. Mr. Portzline started the bookstore tours as a grassroots effort to assist independent bookstores with tourism as an economic development tool. He wrote a how-to book and started a website all to promote bookstore tourism. Mr. Portzline has the bookstore tours on hiatus until the economy turns around. But what a trip that first one will be I bet!!! I want to be on that bus!

Happy Reading!


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