June in Review

July 4, 2016 Book Talk 7


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Looking back on May and June I realized I have not read a single book I said I was looking forward to! The best laid plans and such, right?

What I DID Read

I only got three books read, although granted, The Crow Girl was originally published as three separate novels, meaning I really read 6 books, yes?!? The Tumbling Turner Sisters was delightful, engaging and spot-on accurate while State of Wonder had me wondering why I’ve never read Ann Patchett before! I’m still formulating my thoughts on The Crow Girl. It was disturbing to say the least. Before the Fall was an experience. I still have nightmares, not about the ocean, but of Bill Cunningham! Anyone else have that experience as well?


On the Blog

In Real Life

June was another difficult month. My faithful companion and want-to-be therapy dog passed away. We had just celebrated Obie’s 10th birthday {in human years} and then discovered a grapefruit-sized malignant tumor on his spleen. If you are a pet lover then you know how difficult it is to say goodbye to your best friend. Though we got Obie when my kids were ages 10 – 14, Obie and I bonded immediately and completely. He loved the kids, but Obie was always my dog. My protector, confidante, blanket on cold nights, best friend and irreplaceable heart.

The one blessing I come away with is knowing all the people Obie’s gentle, loving spirit touched.

Obie ~ May, 2006 - June, 2016

Obie ~ May, 2006 – June, 2016


Here’s to looking forward to a peaceful July filled with love, family and lots of smiles.



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    • Stacy

      Thank you Kathy. I’m very thankful for the years I had with him. He had a personality unlike any dog I’ve ever known.

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