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Reincarnation & Books Made Into Television Series

February 18, 2010 Book Review, reviews 0


Some days it can be quite interesting to just “surf the net”… having one of those moments when you discover the new television series “Past Life” on FOXTV which is based on M.J. Rose’s book The Reincarnationist.  I read The Reincarnationist back in 2007 when it was first released and had no idea it had been slated for t.v.  Discovering the new television series, I had to watch the episodes to see how closely to the book the show would follow.

In the show, Dr. Kate McGinn pairs with a former police officer, Price Whatley who was fired after poor job performance, ie – drinking too much & not showing up for work.  In the book photojournalist, Josh Ryder, enlists the help of The Phoenix Society to discover why he keeps having visions from 391 A.D. after surviving a terrorist attack.  The book moves quickly, thrusting you into the life of Julius and Josh Ryder in the first few pages….going from modern-day terrorism to early AD religious cleansing.  In “Past Life” different stories of regressions come to light in each episode; however, the Talmadge Center for Behavioral Health is center to each episode.

I cannot say I am in love with the show “Past Life” as there have only been 2 episodes shown so far, the next one to air 2/18.  I can say it definitely raises questions around the water cooler I’m sure, for anyone who has seen it.  So, have you seen “Past Life” & if so what did you think? Read The Reincarnationist? Believe in reincarnation?


Book Review: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

February 4, 2010 reviews 3

My Favorite Trilogy!

Whew! I feel like I just came off of a wild ride at the amusement park! As you already know from my review of Mr. Larsson’s first book, I am a huge fan of his writing.  I inhaled The Girl Who Played With Fire. In this second book of his Millenium series we discover more about Lisbeth Salandar’s past, including government conspiracies, parents, and just a hint more about her sister.  I absolutely adore Lisbeth Salandar’s character! She is damaged but her spirit prevails.  In The Girl Who Played With Fire a sex trafficking ring is discovered that reaches all the way to the top of Sweden’s government and most profitable businesses.  From the first paragraph I was totally hooked!

She lay on her back fastened by leather straps to a narrow bed with a steel frame. The harness was tight across her rib cage. Her hands were manacled to the sides of the bed.
From there I was gone….reading the book all night long! I’m going to have to read both of these over again because I’m sure I missed key elements just because I could not wait to turn the page to see what happened next.  The things you discover in this latest book about Lisbeth’s past will shock you, horrify you and make you appreciate the family you do have. It’s that real!
The 3rd book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, in this new favorite series  of mine will not be released in the U.S. until May 25th…..aargh! I am so tempted to go ahead and pay the $50 to buy the 3rd book from the U.K.  That’s how badly I want to know what happens to this girl!  Sad, huh? Nope, what’s really sad is that until the legal battles end with Mr. Larsson’s estate it looks as though The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Next will be our last sighting of Lisbeth Salandar.


Review: Blood Ties by Kay Hooper

February 3, 2010 reviews 0

So I just finished Kay Hooper’s latest release in the Noah Bishop/Special Crimes Unit series and if I had to give it a number ranking it would be 3 out of 5 stars. I was really glad that I had picked up my old copy of Blood Sins and read it last week prior to reading Blood Ties. In Blood Sins several of the Special Crimes Unit characters played a key role so I was re-introduced to Galen, Hollis, Bishop, etc. Blood Ties is the 12th book in Ms. Hooper’s series and the one where she pulls almost the whole unit into the book. I think what bothered me about this book is that there was not a “main” character, rather the Unit was the main character. I had to try to remember all of her other books to recall the personality of each Unit member. Luckily, she did footnote each book as the Unit Member was brought into this story with the title of the book they were from originally. Once I read the whole book I found in the very back a list of the characters and their special abilities. I wish I had found it before I read the book! It would have been quite helpful!

What I did like about the book is that the paranormal activity I’ve come to expect from her characters is evolving. And, the good versus evil is only getting more and more serious as each crime takes place. There is a twist at the end I did not expect which Ms. Hooper is famous for with her books. Trying to figure out the suspect before the Unit Members did was entertaining and kept me reading even though I was frustrated with the lack of a main character. The ending happened way too quickly and seemed rushed, but all in all it was a good read. I only wish I had waited for the paperback version rather than paying full price for the hardback! Let me know if there’s anyone else who is a Kay Hooper fan and if you’ve read Blood Ties. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book! Until next time……

Happy Reading!


Review: Character Makeover by Katie Brazelton & Shelley Leith

January 26, 2010 reviews 0

This is my second time going through the Character Makeover, and I have to say that it only gets better and better. What the authors have discovered and shared in the most intimate of ways creates an atmosphere of sitting with your closest, most comfortable friend and sharing your innermost secrets. It doesn’t feel like they just wrote a book to sell it; I felt after completing the “Humility, Confidence, Self-Control, and Contentment” Chapters that Katie and Shelley wrote the book just for me….especially after the “Contentment” chapter! That was a rough chapter, personally! But the authors stood by me through it, talked me through it with their Virtual Message on Day 2, and prayed me through it each and every day. Good character traits seem to be a lost commodity these days. What a valuable and wonderful treasure this book will add to the lives of the many, many women who read “Character Makeover”!