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Late Night Reading

January 13, 2010 Life Well Lived, Uncategorized 0

Do you remember those nights when you were younger, hiding under the covers with a flashlight and the latest, bestest book?  Ahhhh, those were the days! Now it’s propped up on the pillows with the latest, greatest booklight and whatever book I can get my hands on! I’m still reading until 2 in the morning (or later….I just don’t want to admit it, my mom might read this – LOL) and I’m still reading everything from the backs of cereal boxes to the 1,000 pages of The Pillars of the Earth.  What is it that creates us readers? Those of us who are so consumed and needy when it comes to books? When I finished the novel I was reading last night that was only minimally entertaining but I needed to read so I read what I had in the house at the time; I lay there thinking and wondering why I did it. Why waste 3 hours reading a book when I could have been sleeping or playing with my blog or the cat that is in my hair right now as I write this or even throwing the “lil buddy” for my standard poodle….does anyone else have this problem? this almost obsessive desire to read, to escape for just a few moments that only a book can satisfy?  Aaargh! And I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not use a book as an escape, or entertainment, or for research, etc. etc. but for purposes of this blog I guess what I’m talking about is books as an escape. 

I wish you could see me right now, or someone could take a picture but no one is here and if I move then the cat will move.  I have this gorgeous black cat that I rescued and I’m sitting in my orange “mama bear” chair with this black cat perched on my head purring and my laptop in my lap just typing away.  This has got to be the funniest picture!

Sorry to digress, I simply had to share that with someone! It was too funny not to!
So, let me know – do you ever stay up late when you know you should not reading a book that only half-way captures your attention just because you need something to read? I’d feel so much better if I knew I wasnt the only one out here who does this craziness!

Happy Reading!



The Source

January 12, 2010 Life Well Lived, Uncategorized 0

I love the symbolism of the well, even the wishing well. Anytime I see a well, one of the really old ones that I know came from the 1800s, it’s such a powerful reminder that even time cannot erase the stone, the stature, the absolute integrity of the well.  It’s waters run deep and their is a mystery to the darkness inside the depths of the well. The same can be said of everyone of us.  We each have inside of us such tremendous depth and power to tap into.  The resources that are at our fingertips should we delve into ourselves are beyond imagination.  I am learning every day more and more that I don’t have to throw a penny into that wishing well. I can simply rely on myself, do a little research, and voila, I’m well on my way to opening my bookstore!


Dreams….or Wishes?

January 11, 2010 Life Well Lived 3

I have a dream. We all have dreams, even those who have become bitter and think they’ve lost their dreams. We all have dreams. My dream is to own a used bookstore. Some think I am crazy with the onset of the Kindle and the Nook; not to mention the economy. Some think I should never let go of my dream, keep pursuing it until I have it in my grasp. I eat, sleep, dream books and how I would run my shop, interact with clientele, where the books would be placed, how the children’s section would look, taste, feel. Where the big comfy chairs would be so people can just relax for a moment while selecting just the right book……Oh in my mind’s eye I have the bookstore all laid out, the people coming in, the requisite cat in the window and the dog behind the counter, and the smell of books, ahhh, what a wonderful dream.

Then thinking about dreams this morning I also just said in passing, to myself, “well, I wish just the right location would open up. and the rent would be just the right amount. and i wish….” Well, of course, then it immediately comes to mind the old saying my mom would spit out if we ever, ever let it the word “wish” fall from our lips “well, if wishes were horses then beggers could ride” Ok, I have to admit, I still don’t get it. And it still drives me crazy that I can hear my mom in my head every single time I say “I wish” Aaargh!!!

So it got me to thinking, what’s the difference between a wish and a dream? According to a wish is “to want; desire; long for” and a dream is “an aspiration; goal; aim.” Only a slight difference in semantics but a huge difference in real life. To have a dream, one sets goals….steps to achieve those goals, with a tangible reward at the end. To have a wish is just to want something handed to you without the work necessary to achieve the goal. Thus all the personal satisfaction of achieving is not there as it would be if you had achieved your dream. Such deep thinking for a Monday morning!

So I’ll go back to my drawing board today and work on those goals so I CAN achieve my dream in 2010!