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Let’s Change the World ~ One Drop at a Time

January 11, 2014 Life Well Lived 2


Imagine a life where you must walk miles in which to buy water that may or may not be clean.

A life in which there are no toilets, only the side of the road in which to relieve yourself.

A life where you watch your child wither away from drinking dirty water. . .

A life where it’s drink the water that will kill you or die from dehydration.

A few months ago I heard of the organization and after researching the non-profit, I decided to lend my support in all ways possible.  If you’ve been reading The Novel Life for any amount of time you’ve probably heard me mention working in the non-profit field for over 20 years, of which I loved just about every moment. . .well, except the fact that it was desperately needed.  So now, when I donate to a cause, I look into the financials, the success stories, the over-all picture in order to see if its one I feel good about supporting. surpasses.

And now, I’ve come upon another organization that gives even more incentive to donate ~ You give = You get.

Causora has teamed up with some fabulous merchants, both online and local, to provide vouchers equal to the amount donated.  For example, another favorite of mine, Novica, a National Georgraphic sponsored global marketplace that connects artisans with customers, is on the Causora merchant list.  So when I donate $20 through Causora to I get a credit of $20 to spend at Novica!  A fabulous way to be “rewarded” for philanthropy!

When I first looked into Causora I thought ‘well, I can just donate to and bypass Causora’ but then I realized in my budget I already donate a percentage to certain organizations and then I also have a certain amount I put towards gifts each month.  Like a lightbulb going off above my head it hit me that I could also put that gift line item towards through Causora and end up donating even more each month ~ something important and close to my heart!

I’d like to invite you to join me in supporting through Causora by way of the link in my sidebar.  And then feel great about doing good and be rewarded on top of that!  My goal for this fundraiser is $500.  Help me reach that amount and surpass it, while providing clean water to the over a billion people in the world who are in dire need.

This post was written as part of a sponsored campaign for Causora. All opinions are my own.


Thoughts on a New Year

December 31, 2013 Life Well Lived 9


Are you one to make New Year’s Resolutions?  I go back and forth depending on the year, depending on the cycle of the moon, depending on the events of the prior year, depending on my mood at the moment, depending on. .  . well, you get the idea. . . 2014 is going to be a year of resolutions for me.  Somehow writing down my goals and determinations has a way of keeping me focused ~ especially when I write it on the bathroom mirror which I’m known to do 🙂

This year I thought I’d do one better ~ write my mantra for the year on the bathroom mirror and post my resolutions for all the world to see! That’s one quick way to keep me accountable (or a bit crazy!)

A few blogging goals that I plan to get underway beginning January 1:

  1. Narrow my categories down to less than 10.
  2. Share my personal journey to wellness & what makes this a “Novel Life”
  3. Both personal & blogging ~ take a photography class & a writing workshop
  4. Attend BEA and/or SIBA; and attend Bloggy Boot Camp in Atlanta
  5. Go through Bloggiesta Tips and participate in 2014 Bloggiesta

And personal goals? I have quite a few but I’m working at narrowing it down to a concise 137 resolutions. . .nah! who wants to keep up with that many?!?

  1. That 4-letter word you all know that I hate? That begins with a D and ends with an iet?  Well I am working on healthy eating ~ cutting out sugar and flours in the hopes that I will feel better, look better, BE better.
  2. Family is in that line up of God, Family, Work ~ I’ve been a bit remiss (with some good reasons albeit) with my family.  This is the year to fix that.
  3. Contentment in who I am where I am.  Continue on Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection e-course  which has been a journey in and of itself.

It’s all a journey, a fabulous, messy, exciting, terrible and thrilling journey.  One that I’m thankful to you, dear Reader, for continuing to hang out with me on and one that would be awfully boring without the bumps, mountains and molehills.  Cheers to you for a very happy {horsey} New Year!





Saturday Snapshot: Koi Polloi

October 12, 2013 Life Well Lived 13

I had no idea koi could grow so big until I saw a huge pond full of them at Balboa Park in San Diego.  Are these not beautiful?!?




It is another gorgeous weekend in Northeast Georgia and with it being Fall, most of the small towns around here are having their Fall Festivals.  I hope you are enjoying your Saturday and that the weather is as lovely where you are as it is here!

Saturday Snapshot was started by the lovely Alyce at At Home With Books.  Now hosted by highly efficient multi-tasker, Melinda at West Metro Mommy, please visit her site for more great blogger pictures!

Happy Weekend!



January 20, 2010 Life Well Lived 0

I had a bit of exciting news yesterday….a friend of mine from my book club mentioned that a location for a bookstore was still available of which I had looked at a couple of years ago! This location would be a fraction of the cost of what it will be if I open a bookstore in my hometown.  It is directly across the road from the main entrance to a small community college and the actual population of the county is twice the size of where I am right now.  Of course my dilemna is….do I seek out this location for “The Novel Source” bookstore OR do I continue working on it where I’m at???  There are so many pros to the location in another county, but the main con is that it would be at least 40 minutes away from where I live.

I keep thinking about the potential I would have for succeeding if I go with my friend’s location.  Most of my book club friends are in that area and have promised to promote the bookstore.  The rent is about 25% of what it would be if I continue looking where I’m at.  The population is twice what it is here…..ahh, location, location, location!  And then I think, “wow, 40 minutes away…”  I do not really have the option of moving to that county because I do not wish to change my son’s school.  Aaargh! Decisions, decisions, decisions!

I believe what I shall do is go look at the place again, sit down with some numbers and go from there.  I’m so excited about the option, yet also incredibly nervous!

Have you ever been so close to seeing a dream realized and once you got to that point you think “oh my gosh! it’s really happening! can i do this?!?”  My tummy has the butterflies, I’m all excitedly nervous….if that makes any sense at all.  I welcome your comments and suggestions!



Literary Pursuits and a Search for Sunshine!

January 17, 2010 Life Well Lived 0

I am planning a trip to Bradenton and Key West, Florida leaving from Atlanta on February 5th. It is time to search for warmer, dryer weather. I type this as the rain just pours outside, slamming against my window so loudly that at first I thought it must be the wind. Whew….it is definitely time for some palm trees and sand between the toes!

During my travels I plan to conduct a literary adventure….I’m going in search of all of the independent, used bookstores between here (Atlanta) and Key West, FL. I’m also in search of literary festivals, author’s homes and any readings that I may come across. This is all in planning my wonderful, beautiful, perfect bookstore! So, my sweet friends and lurkers – does anyone know of a place I should not miss during my travels? I almost feel like the crazy Sandra Bullock character “Mary” from All About Steve although I’m following the sunshine and the books so maybe I’m not quite as unique as “Mary!”

So as I was looking up bookstores and literary adventures I came across this great place in Canada that does these fantastic trips all around the world I am definitely saving up for the trip to Egypt!

And definitely not to be left out, “Bookstore Tourism” started by Larry Portzline in 2003. Mr. Portzline started the bookstore tours as a grassroots effort to assist independent bookstores with tourism as an economic development tool. He wrote a how-to book and started a website all to promote bookstore tourism. Mr. Portzline has the bookstore tours on hiatus until the economy turns around. But what a trip that first one will be I bet!!! I want to be on that bus!

Happy Reading!