Book Review + Giveaway: Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army Rampage

January 29, 2014 Book Review, Giveaway, reviews 6

Book Review + Giveaway:  Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army RampageNick and Tesla's Robot Army Rampage by "Science Bob" Pflugfelder, Steve Hockensmith
Published by Quirk Books on February, 2014
Genres: Children, Mystery
Pages: 240
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Nick and Tesla, eleven year old twins, are back for their 2nd adventure in Robot Army Rampage.  It’s just been 2 weeks since we left the twins in High-Voltage Danger Lab {see my review here} where we learned they had been sent to stay with their eccentric Uncle Newt in Half Moon Bay, California.  Nick & Tesla’s parents had been sent to Uzbekistan to “study soybeans”. . .

Robot Army Rampage begins with the theft of a rare and expensive comic book from Hero Worship, Inc., owned by the Kuskie family ~ Silas Kuskie is one of two boys to befriend the twins since their move to Half Moon Bay.  This one comic book was going to keep the family from financial ruin, losing the store and losing their house.  Enter precocious take-charge Tesla and soon the duo, along with Silas and DeMarco, are enmeshed in solving the crimes occurring all around town.

With the lovable, yet totally spacy, Uncle Newt tripping over himself falling in love with new owner of the hobby store,  the town’s one bumbling sheriff/meter maid/dog catcher, and the next-door neighbor who glares and smolders anytime Uncle Newt or the twins are within eyesight Robot Army Rampage is filled with just the type of character every 11 year old has rolled his eyes at in either affection or aggravation {if you’ve ever spent any length of time around that age you know just what I’m talking about!}.

We learn a bit more about the mystery surrounding Nick & Tesla’s parents ~ both from side hints Uncle Newt dropped unknowingly and from a mysterious phone call. . .hopefully to be cleared up in Book #3 coming out this May!

All the things I loved in High-Voltage Danger Lab are evident in Robot Army Rampage ~ Tesla is a strong, smart female protagonist.  Nick is a sensitive, smart, worrier & loving brother/son/nephew protagonist and while they are at the age where a bit of time away from parents can be fun, they still miss the routine, discipline and love from their parents.  These books are great for both boys and girls and, it’s just my opinion, but I do believe the science experiments in Robot Army Rampage are just a little bit cooler than what we found in High-Voltage Danger Lab. . .it is all about robots didn’t I mention?!?  I cannot say enough great things about this series!

And because the books are so great and Quirk Books so cool, I have both Book 1 & 2 + a poster to give to one lovely reader.  Giveaway Ended.


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  1. tanya

    What age range would you recommend these books for? I’ve heard good things about them and I would love a good strong, smart female lead for my daughter, but she is only 8.
    tanya recently posted…Cover WarsMy Profile

    • Stacy

      I read another review of a dad who read this one with his son who is 7 and loved it. I would think anywhere between 7 – 11 or 12. I sent the books to my 10 year old niece who loves science and reading both. I’m anxious to hear back about how she liked these and which experiments she tried. Do let me know if you read these with your daughter ~ I’d love to know what she thinks!
      Stacy recently posted…Book Review + Giveaway: Nick and Tesla’s Robot Army RampageMy Profile

  2. anne

    This is a wonderful feature which interests me greatly. Thanks for this lovely review and giveaway. the books would be treasured and sound unique and enjoyable.

  3. Sarah Jordan

    How can you not love a book with kids named for Nikolai Tesla?! My son and daughter would love this:-) Quirk Books are awesome – after all they brought us Pride Prejudice and Zombies, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! Two of my faves……

  4. Mary Preston

    I grew up reading comic books. It was a pleasure to introduce them to my children.

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