Author Spotlight

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I am grateful to each and every author who has been kind enough to provide a Guest Post or Author Interview. I hope you will enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes peek at these wonderful men and women.



Jodee Blanco

Sandra Brannan ~ 06/01/11

Sandra Brannan ~ 11/27/12

Mary Burton


Tracy Chevalier

Holly Christine

Brian Cohen


Carolina de Robertis


John Edward

Stephen Eisner



Leslie Gilbert-Lurie

C.W. Gortner

Layton Green

Connor Grennan


Rachel Hauck

Patti Callahan Henry



Pam Jenoff


Andrea Kane

Lori Kasbeer


Christine Lemmon


Susan Mallery

Andrea Metcalf

Alan Moss


Jenny Nelson

Elle Newmark


Timothy O’Brien


Karl A. Pillemer, PhD

Jane Porter


M.J. Rose

Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

Richard Rushfield


Rachel Simmons

Karin Slaughter

Robin Spano


Travis Thrasher


Lisa Unger



Wendy Wax

Karen White

Susan Wiggs

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