A New Year…A New Word…A New Focus…

January 1, 2016 Life Well Lived 12


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This past year found me floundering when it comes to reading and blogging. Every time I thought of just giving it up my sweetheart reminded me how much this blog means to me; how much my readers mean to me and how miserable I am when I haven’t been writing. Wonderful and yet weird how my very not into reading sweetie gets it.


Also, I’ve been one of those to make 3 – 4 resolutions each year and by March all 3 – 4 are completely forgotten. Although, I will admit this past year we did so much better at changing our eating habits to a much more healthy diet {ugh! I hate that 4-letter word!}. But, that’s about the only resolution I ‘mostly’ stuck with.

So this year I am doing something a little different. I remember reading last year about focusing on one word for the year as opposed to having a list of resolutions. I was reminded again when I read Sheila’s post on choosing a word for 2016.

The word I chose is actually two words: TAKE ACTION. For the past several years I have said I wanted to accomplish many things like writing a book, finishing a quilt I started for my sweetie 5 years ago, add more evergreen, lifestyle and bookish-lists posts to my blog, {try saying that phrase 3 times!} complete Emma Davies photo challenge, etc. etc.  I’m excited for this new focus and know it will help me to move forward in so many ways.

Reading Goals

With my newfound focus I’m cutting back on the review copies I will accept and reducing the number of books I plan to read in a year. I found this past year that instead of gobbling up books I felt more like savoring. So savor I shall. 52 books. One a week.

Reading a nonfiction book each month carries over into 2016.

I can’t believe I joined the Classics Club challenge a couple of years ago and still have not read {or in many cases re-read} any of the books on my list. And it’s all children’s classics – a lifetime favorite of mine! Soooo, this year I plan to read at least one book a month off of my classics list.

The other 2 books/month will either be review copies or something off of that gigantic recommended books list! I’m feeling good about this plan. It’s going to be interesting to see where I’m at this time next year.


Dearest Reader what are your New Year’s traditions? Do you make resolutions? Go with the One Word idea or something completely different?


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  1. Chrissy

    Great post! I’m actually sitting at my desk thinking of my resolutions and goals for this year as I read your post. I love your word(s) of the year: Take Action! That’s awesome! Good luck with your goals! I look forward to your blog posts! =)

    • Stacy

      smart lady! keeping a resolution is tough to near impossible 😉
      I was wondering if the black eye peas & turnip greens is just a southern tradition or an American tradition. Either way, it’s one we follow religiously as well. Here’s to focus for 2016!
      Stacy recently posted…A New Year…A New Word…A New Focus…My Profile

  2. Sarah's Book Shelves

    Good for you on sticking with your healthy eating resolution this year! I feel like eating goals are always the hardest to stick with! And – I see paddleboarding and a 5K race on your list for 2016 – I LOVE paddleboarding! It’s so relaxing and peaceful and is a great core, upper body, and thigh workout. Also great for your balance! And have you checked out the Couch to 5K Program? It’s a great guideline for beginnger 5Kers.

    • Stacy

      Oh Sarah you are such an encouragement! Where do you paddleboard ~ ocean or lake? We’ve only got a lake or the river nearby. I’m really excited to try it out – I’d love to get good enough where I could try yoga on a paddle board. I do have the couch to 5k app on my phone – just got it a few days ago. Great suggestion! I’m hoping to be ready for the Color Run in the spring ~ it looks like such fun!

      Wishing you and your family such a wonderful 2016!
      Stacy recently posted…A New Year…A New Word…A New Focus…My Profile

  3. Lisa

    I’m wayyyyy behind on the Classics challenge – I need to read at least 2 a month or I’m not going to make it. I’m loving the idea of focusing everything on the one word and I’m really enjoying seeing what everyone has chosen.
    Lisa recently posted…First Book of the Year 2016My Profile

  4. Camaro

    Early 2016 has been passed and it is time to move and create win. I have written a couple of points to the target in 2016, one of which was started and familiarize wake up every morning and proceed with the exercise. The beginning of a very tiring but grateful till now successfully. Yes !!
    Camaro recently posted…12 Simple tips to promote faster hair growthMy Profile

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